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We provide small and mid-sized businesses with the same level of excellent IT care and support that is given to large-scale corporations. We have offices located in Shreveport, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas- but serve across the US! No matter your organizational size, all our clients are big deals & your cybersecurity concerns matter to us! At Direnzic, we’ve been providing excellent care and support to our clients since 2010; and though we have offices throughout Louisiana and Texas, we are available to provide A-rated cybersecurity consulting services across the globe!

Direnzic Technology was birthed in Monroe, LA when the founder & CEO identified a major gap in service offerings and education surrounding matters involving digital forensic & cybersecurity.  It began as an effort to provide advocacy for those who didn’t have a voice in their own defense against cyber-attacks and the ever-changing rules and laws being mandated.  It grew into an organization driven to provide empowerment, education, and efficiency to those needing real world solutions to the technology issues faced by individuals and organizations today.

I attended a Cyber Security class and felt it was very insightful. I came out well informed and more able to protect myself and business from hacking.

Daphne tolliver

attendee to cyber security class

Founder & CEO
Ieshea Hollins

A Letter From Our Founder & CEO

Crisis is unpredictable, but the impact is manageable with the right Information Technology and or Security solution experts.

At Direnzic I promise you we will take the time to fully understand your business, your budget, and your expectations to make sure we are delivering what you want instead of what we think you should have. We focus on providing proactive support to prevent downtime, data loss, and other disasters from happening instead of reactively putting out fires.

We stand behind every recommendation and serve we provide, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

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Our Founder, Ieshea Hollins, has a passion for Information technology and Information Systems. Through her speaking engagements and courses she wants to prove that technology is more exciting today than ever before in history. As the host, Ieshea works to explain technology-related topics in easily digestible, and entertaining way for any audience member. 

Lastly, Ieshea wants to inspire more females to pursue STEM careers. As a female in stem & business entrepreneur she wants to educate and motivate the next generation by addressing important topics and cultivating a welcoming environment for everyone.

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Direnzic Technology provides a wide range of technology services as well as comprehensive support to ensure your operations run smoothly and effectively. It is critical to us that your business functions at its absolute best at all times.

We work with you to plan strategically so that each of your technology needs are addressed and nothing is left to fall through the cracks. Once you begin leveraging the full power of our services, your business becomes safer and more efficient; productivity increases, morale is high, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that sensitive data is always protected.

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