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  • Internet Safety Tech Symposium
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month Expo
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  • Technology Guide to Divorce
  • Scary Stories To Tell In The Boardroom
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CEO Named Top 20 Woman In Tech

by Dallas Business Journal

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Happy New Year!

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: Who we serve

We are dedicated to serving a diverse array of clients spanning various industries, from businesses and institutions to individuals seeking robust cybersecurity solutions. Our clientele comprises forward-thinking organizations that recognize the paramount importance of securing their digital assets in today's complex threat landscape. Whether you're a thriving business owner, an institution striving for resilience, or an individual navigating the digital realm, our tailored cybersecurity services are crafted to empower you against cyber threats, ensuring a secure and confident digital experience for all.

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Disrupting and demystifying cybercrime by proactively educating people to eliminate the fear they face when addressing the tech they use every day.

Cybersecurity Services & Training

Empower your business against cyber threats with our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services. From expert consultations and strategic planning to cutting-edge penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, identity management, and targeted cybersecurity awareness training, we offer tailored solutions that fortify your defenses and ensure a secure digital environment. Safeguard your success – contact us today for proactive, results-driven cybersecurity that adapts to your unique needs and keeps your business resilient in the face of evolving threats.

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Featured Service


At Direnzic, we transform cybersecurity into a strategic advantage for your ​organization. Are you ready to fortify your digital fortress and navigate the cyber ​landscape with confidence? Here’s how our Cybersecurity Strategic Planning ​services can be your key to a secure and resilient future.

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In today's digital age, the threats are real, and the stakes are higher than ever. Every organization, big or small, needs a strategic plan to safeguard its assets. This isn't just about avoiding cyber threats; it's about empowering your business to thrive securely.

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  • Tailored Protection: Our experts don't believe in one-size-fits-​all. We craft a plan specifically for you, identifying ​vulnerabilities and ensuring your unique risks are addressed.
  • Business Alignment: Aligning with your organizational goals, ​budget, and capacity, our strategic plan isn't just about security​—it's about enhancing your business's overall success.
  • Cost-Effective Resilience: Investing in cybersecurity is an ​investment in your future. Our strategic planning not only ​shields you from threats but does so in the most cost-effective ​way possible.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your business is fortified against cyber threats, while others ​might still be vulnerable. Don't let the fear of falling behind haunt you—seize the opportunity ​now! Book a consultation with us today, and let's craft a cybersecurity strategy that propels your ​organization to new heights. Your security journey begins here—don't miss out on the protection ​your business deserves. Secure your future, one strategic plan at a time.

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Book A Consultation

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Featured Service

What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer as a Service (vCISOaaS)?

vCISO as a Service (vCISOaaS) is just another name for virtual CISO consulting services. A provider like Direnzic Technology assigns organizations a proven and certified information security professional to help organizations protect sensitive information and achieve related business goals along the way.

Imagine having a dedicated cybersecurity expert at your fingertips, ensuring your organization is not just secure but thriving in the digital realm.

The vCISOaaS isn't just a service; it's your on-demand guardian, custom-fit to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape for your organization; it is your strategic partner, ensuring your organization is not just secure but strategically aligned with your goals.

In a world where cyber threats are dynamic and relentless, having a strategic cybersecurity leader is no longer a luxury but a necessity.“

- Ieshea Hollins (CEO, Founder & Chief Information Security Officer)

What are the benefits of a vCISO vs a CISO?

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge
  • Extensive Industry Skills
  • Lower Cost Over Time
  • Limited Turnover

While others struggle with managing cybersecurity internally, imagine having a dedicated expert steering your ​ship. Don't let the fear of falling behind in the cybersecurity race hold you back—embrace the vCISOaaS ​advantage today! Book a consultation with us and experience the transformative power of vCISOaaS. Your ​organization's cybersecurity journey starts here—don't miss out on the strategic advantage you deserve.

Secure your future, one virtual expert at a time.

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Book A Consultation

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Immersive Techventures™

Welcome to a transformative journey in learning that takes education to exhilarating new ​heights! Brace yourself for an experience that transcends traditional learning boundaries, ​unlocking a world of engagement, excitement, and knowledge retention.

With immersive gaming, we not only break the monotony but revolutionize the way adults learn, ​turning education into an adventure where every challenge is an opportunity to grow and every ​victory is a step toward mastery. Step into the future of team building and training! Get ready to ​learn, engage, and conquer through the power of play!

Elevate Your Mind ...

Gamification: Where Learning Becomes A Thrilling Adventure!



Elevate your corporate team building and forge ​stronger teams through Immersive Gaming! ​Beyond cybersecurity, our gamified approach ​extends to leadership, problem-solving, and ​technical proficiency. Contact us now to redefine ​team dynamics and make training a thrilling ​adventure.

Our immersive games are not just challenges; ​they're opportunities for collaboration, ​communication, and camaraderie. Experience a ​new era of team building where every level ​conquered strengthens your team's bonds.

Unleash the power and elevate your team's ​cybersecurity awareness with our immersive ​training programs. No more dull sessions – we turn ​education into an engaging experience. From ​virtual escape rooms to gamified challenges, our ​training isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about ​creating a culture of proactive defense.

Contact us today to revolutionize your ​cybersecurity training and empower your ​workforce with skills that stick. Transform ​compliance into enthusiasm – your journey to cyber ​resilience starts here!

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Cyber Wars

Tabletop Ex.


for Business

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Cyber Games by

Whether you're a cybersecurity professional aiming to refine your skills, a business ​owner on the lookout for talent, or a college ​student eager to showcase your ​capabilities, the games await your participation!

Sponsor The Games

Become A Sponsor

Access Sponsorship Packet

Get Your Tickets Now

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Events by

Disrupting and demystifying cybercrime by proactively educating people to ​eliminate the fear they face when addressing the tech they use every day.

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Upcoming Events By Direnzic

2024 DT Cyber Games™

Bayou Hackathon

Elevate your organization's cybersecurity ​prowess with our dynamic cyber games ​and hackathons. Why settle for ​traditional training when you can fuel ​innovation through friendly ​competition?

Join the future of cyber games and ​immersive education – where knowledge ​meets competition, and excellence is the ​ultimate prize. Ready to outsmart the ​cyber realm? Your journey begins here!

2024 DT Cyber Games™

Internet Safety Family Day

Elevate your cybersecurity knowledge and ​fortify your digital defenses at our annual ​Internet Safety Tech Symposium in June ​as we celebrate National Internet Safety ​Month in June. Join industry leaders, ​experts, and fellow businesses in a ​dynamic environment focused on ​proactive cybersecurity strategies.

2024 DT Cyber Games™

Cybersecurity Extravaganza

Don't miss our Cybersecurity Awareness ​Expo in October, aligning with National ​Cybersecurity Awareness Month, where ​you can explore cutting-edge solutions, ​network with professionals, and gain ​insights to ensure your organization stays ​ahead in the ever-evolving digital ​landscape. Secure your future – attend, ​engage, and empower your business with ​the latest in cybersecurity excellence.


C4 Unplugged R​etreats™

Unplug, rejuvenate, and find balance in ​the digital age with our transformative ​retreats. Escape the demands of ​technology and reconnect with yourself ​at our exclusive retreats, where we ​provide not just a break but a holistic ​experience. Gain valuable insights into ​tech detox, combat addiction and ​burnout, and discover the mindful

use of technology.

Our retreats offer healing seminars, ​engaging exercises, insightful discussions ​with psychologists, and personalized ​takeaways. Elevate your well-being – ​contact us to embark on a journey of self-​discovery and embrace a healthier ​relationship with technology.

2025 DT Cyber Games™

We’re Going To Vegas!

We can’t wait to share the details ​of this event with you, but it’s a ​little early so keep an eye out for ​insights coming soon!

Customized Cyber Game & Im​mersive Training Events

Seeking a customized Cyber ​Gaming event?

Contact us now to transform ​education into a thrilling challenge. ​Our cyber games aren't just events; ​they're opportunities to showcase and ​enhance your team's cybersecurity ​skills in a competitive yet collaborative ​environment.

Contact our team at ​

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Products by

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The Technology Guide To Divorce

"This journal was created to help empower you so that you - ​unlike me - won’t feel blindsided by your technology as you ​attempt to pick up the pieces of your heart, life, and mind as ​you move forward."

"The Technology Guide is ​absolutely awesome! The ​information is pertinent, the directions and tips are ​precise, but t​he prayers and 'remember'​ quotes...

P​RICELESS!" - Tabitha

The ULTIMATE Technology Guide To Divorce

Cybersecurity expert, speaker, trainer, and author Ieshea Hollins ​recently published a journal planner that provides 180+ pages ​of technology resources, tips, and speaking segments ​developed to assist individuals safely Disconnect The Tech ™ ​during a separation, divorce or conscious uncoupling.

"Divorce can be such a​ vulnerable time. I didn't realize​ ​what a valuable resource this​ would be, but I'm ​thankful I​ know now."​ - IK


Scary Stories To Tell In The Boardroom

Taking a moment to pause before addressing an emergency ​can give us the time we need to assess the situation and ​evaluate the best course of action.

As a seasoned executive who has faced countless ​boardroom challenges, I found ‘Scary Stories to Tell in ​the Boardroom’ to be an extraordinarily valuable and ​relatable resource. These tales are not just instances ​of business fears, but a treasure chest of wisdom, ​revealing how to convert those fears into success ​stories. Five stars for this Top New Release on ​Amazon!” - Tom

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