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“Erasing The Fear; Embracing The Change”

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Disrupting and demystifying cybercrime by proactively educating people ​to eliminate the fear they face when addressing the tech they use every day.

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2024 DT Cyber Games™

Internet Safety Family Day

Elevate your cybersecurity knowledge ​and fortify your digital defenses at our ​annual Internet Safety Tech Symposium ​in June as we celebrate National Internet ​Safety Month in June. Join industry ​leaders, experts, and fellow businesses in ​a dynamic environment focused on ​proactive cybersecurity strategies.

2024 DT Cyber Games™

Cybersecurity Extravaganza

Don't miss our Cybersecurity Awareness ​Expo in October, aligning with National ​Cybersecurity Awareness Month, where ​you can explore cutting-edge solutions, ​network with professionals, and gain ​insights to ensure your organization ​stays ahead in the ever-evolving digital ​landscape. Secure your future – attend, ​engage, and empower your business with ​the latest in cybersecurity excellence.

Unplug, rejuvenate, and find balance in ​the digital age with our transformative ​retreats. Escape the demands of ​technology and reconnect with yourself ​at our exclusive retreats, where we ​provide not just a break but a holistic ​experience. Gain valuable insights into ​tech detox, combat addiction and ​burnout, and discover the mindful

use of technology.

C4 Unplugged Retreats™

2025 DT Cyber Games™

We’re Going To Vegas!

We can’t wait to share the details of this ​event with you, but it’s a little early so ​keep an eye out for insights coming ​soon!

2025 DT Cyber Games™

We’re Going To Vegas!

Seeking a customized Cyber Gaming event?

Contact us now to transform education into a thrilling challenge. Our cyber games ​aren't just events; they're opportunities to showcase and enhance your team's ​cybersecurity skills in a competitive yet collaborative environment.

Contact our team at

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RECAP: Bayou Hackathon

The inaugural games were a success! Whether you're a cybersecurity professional ​aiming to refine your skills, a business owner on the lookout for talent, or a college ​​student eager to showcase your capabilities, join us this October for the next games!

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