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The Technology Guide To Divorce

"This journal was created to help empower you so that you - ​unlike me - won’t feel blindsided by your technology as you ​attempt to pick up the pieces of your heart, life, and mind as ​you move forward."

"The Technology Guide is ​absolutely awesome! The ​information is pertinent, the directions and tips are ​precise, but t​he prayers and 'remember'​ quotes...

P​RICELESS!" - Tabitha

The ULTIMATE Technology Guide To Divorce

Cybersecurity expert, speaker, trainer, and author Ieshea Hollins ​recently published a journal planner that provides 180+ pages ​of technology resources, tips, and speaking segments ​developed to assist individuals safely Disconnect The Tech ™ ​during a separation, divorce or conscious uncoupling.

"Divorce can be such a​ vulnerable time. I didn't realize​ ​what a valuable resource this​ would be, but I'm ​thankful I​ know now."​ - IK


Scary Stories To Tell In The Boardroom

Taking a moment to pause before addressing an emergency ​can give us the time we need to assess the situation and ​evaluate the best course of action.

As a seasoned executive who has faced countless ​boardroom challenges, I found ‘Scary Stories to Tell in ​the Boardroom’ to be an extraordinarily valuable and ​relatable resource. These tales are not just instances ​of business fears, but a treasure chest of wisdom, ​revealing how to convert those fears into success ​stories. Five stars for this Top New Release on ​Amazon!” - Tom



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